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Melon Banana

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    Melon Banana

    Melon Banana

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Association Kokopelli is offering a collection of heirloom varieties of vegetables, grains and flowers.

All our seeds are grown with agricultural methods which are respectful of the environment.

Association Kokopelli is 'organically certified' by Ulase in France and Soil Association in England and 'agro-ecologically' certified by Nature et Progrès in France.

Banana Melon

He Banana Melon is a very rare and a very heirloom unusual melon variety that looks just like a banana!

Some of our online seed competitors who carry this melon like to claim that this melon variety is a fairly recent melon development, however, Banana Melons were listed in the 1888 edition of W. Atlee Burpee's Seed Annual, who states that the Banana Melon was being grown in the State of New Jersey as early as 1880 or 1881 and had likely been introduced from overseas a few years earlier. The J.H. Gregory Co. also listed Banana Melons in their catalogue in 1885.

According to U.P. Heydrick in his classic work on melons, squash and cucumbers 'The Cucurbits of New York' which was first published in 1937, Banana Melons were being listed in most American seed catalogues prior to 1900.

This great variety produces an abundant supply of 16 to 24 inch long, tapered, banana shaped melons which are about 4 inches in diameter. Each melon weighs from 4 to 5 pounds. When fully mature, the melons feature a smooth yellow skin with very little netting and an intensly flavored salmon-pink flesh.

Matures about 80 to 100 and has performed well for our UK customers over the last several seasons, so it is a wonderful melon variety for cooler climates.

* Bag of 25 seeds

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